Rechtsanwälte und Notar Dr. Lippmann, Hennigs & Coll. Hannover Laatzen

Dr. Lippmann, Hennigs & Coll.

Rechtsanwälte & Notar

Administrative Law

  • Insurance laws/regulations

Banking Law

  • Damages from unsound counselling of financial investments. eg: Lehman Brothers
  • Salvage properties
  • Rogue contracts, incorrect credit contracts
  • Credit card misuse/malpractice

Civil Law

  • Hereditary law
  • Law of obligations
  • Contract law, contract Rights
Commercial and Mercantile Law
  • commercial trading
  • the forming/establishing of a company
  • company succession – hereditary issues
  • fusions
  • conversion/transformation of a business

Commercial Law, Law of the Economy

  • cartel Rights
  • Management buy-out
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Consumer Rights/Consumer Protection Rights

  • remote-location marketing contracts.  eg: ebay
  • product liability/defect, fault warranties

Employment Law/Labour Law

  • industrial constitution law
  • the right to give notice
  • drafting of contracts

Family Law

  • separation/allocation of possessions
  • matrimonial and divorce matters
  • alimony/maintenance claims
  • custody/rights to access matters

Industrial/Commercial Insurance

  • trademark rights
  • copyright
  • publishing rights
  • advertising rights, web advertising???
  • competition rights, caution/notice of warning

IT Law

  • licensing right/foreign right
  • domain disputes
  • telecommunication issues
  • internet rights
  • copyright law (eg. official warnings)

Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Receiverships

  • personal/private insolvencies
  • consumer bankruptcy procedures
  • Industrial/commercial liquidations

Land Law/Legal Estate Law

  • contracts of sale
  • dry mortgage
  • apartment ownership
  • leasehold, hereditary building rights

Medical Law

  • professional malpractice
  • professional error/negligence
  • liability coverage

Nursing/Medical care Insurance

Planning Laws and Building Regulations

  • Contract law of the building trade
  • building defects and structural damage to property
  • (German regulation) : Building Regulations for public buildings
  • European and European Community Laws

Tenancy Law

  • Private, Industrial/Trade rights for landlords and tenants
  • Leasing

Traffic Law

  • accident/damages/compensation (for pain and suffering)
  • infringements/ violation of traffic laws
  • re-issue of driving licenses  ((MPU- no good in English!))

Naturally in all other legal matters we will advise and support you.

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